Why being a stay at home dad is great for some families

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It’s not always easy to be the breadwinner of a family and do all the responsibilities that go with it. Sometimes one spouse will have more skills or strengths than the other, and one will find themselves in a role that does not suit them very well, feeling unappreciated, underutilized, or taken for granted. It doesn’t have to be this way!

As we discussed before, those with stay-at-home dads often feel less of an individual than those who work outside of the home. It’s important to allow a dad to retain his identity and not be pushed away from the family.

How Do Stay-at-Home Dads Benefit Me As A Family?

There are many reasons why staying at home with your children is a great option. If you’re considering making this change, it is important to examine all the benefits that being a stay-at-home dad can bring to your family, as well as any potential drawbacks of this type of situation, to make a thoughtful decision about what works best for you and your family.

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Here are some of the things that stay-at-home dads do

They can provide a stable and reliable financial base.

A working single parent is a key contributor to your family’s finances. One of the main ways they do this is by providing the cash flow that one spouse would otherwise have to earn to pay bills such as rent, mortgage, car payments, etc. That money goes directly towards covering the cost of groceries, utilities, childcare and other small household expenses without any input from your husband.

They can take care of children while you are at work.

Being a stay at home dad can be a great benefit to you. You have a lot of stress working in an office every day. When you get home, it’s nice not to have any more responsibilities or pressure on yourself to get everything done. If you trust dad to handle things when you’re not there, it can allow you to focus on your career and important things to your family and your life.

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They can help out around the house.

One of the main ways that stay-at-home dads (and moms) bring their value is by helping out with various chores and errands around the house. This can also free up time for a mother to do things like working out, going to the gym, or enjoying some healthier meals. It’s nice not to worry about cooking dinner every night or doing laundry each week. Some stay-at-home dads are happy with their wives doing all the housework and childcare, while others may want to try it.

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They can make important decisions in certain situations.

Since you know your children and any other family members that may be involved in raising them well, you need to make the major decisions about raising the next generation of your family. It may be important that dad has a say in what happens in some situations.

They can spend more time with other family members.

Often, a stay-at-home dad will have a lot of time on his hands when there are no children to take care of, and he’ll be able to use that time to volunteer or do other activities where the family comes together to have fun and grow closer, even if it’s only for a few hours at a time, or for one day a week. It’s very important that your husband gets along well with your other family members, especially if the bond between them is important for his views on the ideal relationship you and your husband should have.

Your kids will be more likely to be healthy and fit.

Your kids must be fed properly and stay active and healthy. One of the things you can do for them is to provide a nutritious meal each night and provide opportunities to exercise. There’s nothing wrong with letting dad take care of these things while you’re at work. Many dads have taken on the role of ‘chief cook and bottle washer’ in their families, so it’s not uncommon at all.

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They can be a positive male role model in your children’s lives.

Your children must have a positive male role model in their life who is not only there for them but can also be a good example of what it means to be a man. It’s critical to the development of your kids that they have full and equal access to two parents that they can bond with, learn from and look up to. Often, when a parent chooses to stay at home with the kids while the other parent works, kids will seek out this kind of relationship with their dad during their free time when mom isn’t around.

They can teach important skills like financial responsibility.

One of the things that children often learn best is by example. They will grow up seeing their parents make all sorts of choices that could positively or negatively impact their lives. The most important thing for a parent to do is to be the best person you can be regarding financial decisions and showing your kids how to save money.

They can cuddle with kids when they are sick.

Kids get sick a lot more often than adults, and getting through those tough days is an important skill that they need to learn while they’re still young. One of the best ways to teach them this skill is by being the one who holds them and cuddles with them when they’re not feeling well. This will help them learn to trust adults, which is a critical part of growing up.

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They can be a positive role model for teens in their life.

Teens often look up and see examples of who they should want to be while growing up. Depending on the specific situation, this might include people who are the same gender as them or even idols from different occupations. Having an active, healthy dad around can help give kids something to aspire to and learn from, even if he doesn’t grow up to be their role model, as long as he’s an example of what it means to be a man.

They can provide emotional support and entertainment.

Stay-at-home dads are often there for the family throughout the day or week, providing emotional support and entertainment to the kids when they need it most or need some company with their fun games or sports practices. This is important, especially during those difficult times when children are going through big life changes that they need someone there for them emotionally, either as a friend or parent figure in their life.


Being a stay-at-home dad is a rewarding experience, but it does take some effort to do it well. You’re taking on the role of two people, and you have to remember that there are a lot of social norms and expectations when it comes to your position. If you do it right, though, being at home with the kids will make you feel very fulfilled with life while giving your family the opportunity they need for healthy growth and development.