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Baby gear like car seats and strollers are necessities that need to be included in a family’s budget. These items are for safety and mobility. Because they are considered a major investment, choosing the best one is a lot of pressure. With many models and brands offering similar-sounding features, trying to find the right one might be overwhelming.

So, whenever you are planning to buy a stroller, you should be confident about making the right choice. This guide on UPPAbaby vs Nuna stroller helps you narrow down your choices so that you can decide which one best serves your needs.

UPPAbaby and Nuna are premium brands that have a huge following among discerning parents. Both these stroller manufacturers are well-established and have a good reputation for producing easy-to-use and high quality products.

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Important features to look for when choosing a good stroller

There is no question that a stroller is one of the costliest purchases that you are going to make for your baby. While there are a variety of aesthetic and technical features you need to look out for, some of the highlighting points are discussed below. These are key points that you should consider when shopping around.

  • Handlebar – A telescopic or height-adjustable handlebar makes a stroller more comfortable. Also, it is more ergonomic because you and your partner are likely not the same height.
  • Fold – Another important factor to consider is how compact a stroller gets when you fold it. Folding it with one hand is a big plus, especially when you are juggling your baby.
  • Canopy – When buying a stroller, make sure it quietly opens and closes with ease. That way, your baby won’t be disturbed.
  • Locks and brakes – While you can lock the wheels on some strollers using the handlebar, others might provide you with a lock and foot brake. Sometimes, a three-wheeled stroller can have an option for a front-wheel lock that gives you added stability.
  • Basket – Because you need to carry a lot of things, notice if the stroller allows you to take things in and out of the basket with ease. Also, make sure it’s big enough.
  • Seats – Most strollers allow you to use the item as a bassinet or car seat. Moreover, some of them even have extendable seats along with a footrest to keep your child comfy as they grow.
  • Wheels – While plastic rubber-coated wheels are best for cities, foam-filled wheels can provide a smooth ride if you live in rural areas with more bumps.
  • Shocks – Modern strollers are equipped with shocks so that your little one feels fewer bumps. So, whether you are strolling along pathways or navigating through busy sidewalks, it doesn’t make a difference.

UPPAbaby vs Nuna: The battle for the best stroller

In this section, we will compare three UPPAbaby and three Nuna products to give you a good understanding of these brands. While both of them have many things in common, there are a few details that could make a difference.

1. UPPAbaby Cruz and Nuna Tavo

At first glance, you may find these models to be pretty much the same. The dimensions and weight of the strollers are quite similar, they have the identical maximum load capacity, and even the tires match up. However, UPPAbaby Cruz costs you more compared to Nuna Tavo.

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Key features of UPPAbaby Cruz –

  • Reversible full-size baby seat with 5-point harness
  • Makes it suitable from birth when you connect it with UPPAbaby SnugSeat or UPPAbaby Bassinet, which are sold separately
  • Extendable canopy with mesh panels, zip-out fabric, peekaboo vented window, and UPF 50+ protection
  • Multi-position, one-handed recline
  • Easy-access and extra-large storage with a 30-pound weight limit
  • Adjustable handlebar
  • All-wheel suspension
  • 100% leather accents
  • Front-wheel lock mechanism with visual indicators
  • Stands when you fold it
  • Attach UPPAbaby Mesa car seat to the stroller without the need to have adapters

Good things about UPPAbaby Cruz –

The good thing about this stroller is that it includes a bug shield and rain cover. Both of these features are very useful when you are thinking about spending a considerable amount of time outdoors with your baby. Also, it features a reversible seat that faces you.

The stroller stands on its own when you fold it. That way, it allows you to store it upright without worrying that it might tip over. While there is no need to buy an extra adapter for a car seat, you can buy a wider one to use on other car seats.

Not so good about UPPAbaby Cruz

Just like with other strollers, you can use UPPAbaby Cruz from birth along with a bassinet. However, you need to buy the SnugSeat to make it fully recline. Moreover, this stroller might have some difficulties on rougher terrain. Apart from that, some parents have had issues with smooth maneuverability on sharp corners.

Key features of Nuna Tavo –

  • Suitable from birth
  • Adjustable footrest and flat recline
  • Adjustable calf support
  • 4-position, one-handed recline
  • Super spacious comfortable seat
  • Extendable canopy
  • Luxurious leather adjustable handlebar
  • Large storage basket
  • Fits with Nuna Pipa without adapters
  • Instant fold lock and functions like a trolley when folded

Good things about Nuna Tavo –

The Nuna Tavo is one of the best strollers that you can use right from the birth of your child without the need to add a bassinet. The process is straightforward. You have to recline the seat in a flat position and enclose it with the provided straps under the footrest. Moreover, it doesn’t need adapters for the Nuna Pipa car seat. And, the price tag is noticeably less compared to UPPAbaby Cruz.

Not so good about Nuna Tavo –

If you like to have a bassinet for the newborn baby, remember that Nuna Tavo isn’t compatible. While Nuna Tavo is dubbed as a lightweight and compact stroller, many strollers on the market are much lighter. Moreover, when it folds, it is similar to the heavier strollers and doesn’t save you enough space. Apart from that, the seat remains fixed in only one direction.

2. UPPAbaby Vista and Nuna IVVI totl

Both the models stated above can be considered all-inclusive strollers because they come with a bassinet that provides overnight sleeping. When you combine these strollers with bassinet stands, you can take your little one on vacation with ease without worrying that there might not be a baby crib in the hotel.

upppa baby vista

Key features of UPPAbaby Vista –

  • Suitable from birth
  • Includes bassinet along with pop-out, extendable 50+ sunshade
  • Can transport up to three children when coupled with other accessories that are sold separately
  • The extendable canopy has a small vented window, protection against UPF 50+, mesh panels, and zip-out fabric
  • Multi-position, one-handed recline
  • Easily accessible large storage with a weight limit of about 30 pounds
  • 5-point reversible toddler seat
  • Adjustable handlebar
  • All-wheel suspension
  • 100% leather accents
  • Front wheel locks
  • UPPAbaby Mesa attaches smoothly to this stroller without using adapters
  • Have no trouble in standing when folded
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Good things about UPPAbaby Vista –

One of the best features that you would love about UPPAbaby Vista is that it can transform into a dual stroller using an adapter that is sold separately. Moreover, it can accommodate another child with the ride-along board. The Vista is lighter compared to the Ivvi totl and even has a large storage basket. The wheels are made of foam-coated rubber and are a bit larger. Moreover, they won’t go flat even after adding another one or two passengers.

Not so good about UPPAbaby Vista –

While the foot brake is easy to use and very secure, disengaging it could be problematic. Some people even have issues with the rain shield because it tends to fit the toddler set instead of the bassinet.

Key features of Nuna Ivvi totl –

  • The stroller with the included bassinet is suitable from birth
  • All-season seat
  • Comes in 4 different modes: the rear-facing seat, forward-facing seat, car seat, bassinet
  • Removable canopy with a small window and UPF 50+ protection
  • 3-position, one-handed recline
  • The 5-point quick-release harness converts to a 3-point harness instantly
  • Leather accented armbar and handlebar
  • Durable suspension technology
  • Large storage basket
  • Airless foam-filled tires
  • Frame stands well when folded
  • Works great with Nuna Pipa without adapters

Good things about Nuna Ivvi totl 

There is no denying that the sun canopy from Nuna Ivvi totl is far better than UPPAbaby Vista. The eyeshade, which can be flipped out, adds more coverage against the sunlight and the magnetic closures allow your baby to sleep at peace without any kind of disturbances.

Moreover, the magnets are used to tighten the bassinet’s cover. Apart from that, taller parents like the adjustable handlebar of this stroller with a maximum height of about 42 inches, which is two inches taller than the UPPAbaby Vista.

Not so good about Nuna Ivvi totl –

The Nuna Ivvi totl is the most expensive and heaviest of all the four models included in this section. Unlike UPPAbaby Vista, you can’t convert it into a dual stroller. Moreover, you can use it with only the Pipa series. The warranty on Nuna Ivvi totl is shorter by one year compared to UPPAbaby Vista.

3. UPPAbaby Mesa and Nuna Pipa

Infant car seats are compatible with their brands to provide a complete travel system. Both UPPAbaby and Nuna car seats share similar features such as a canopy, latch, seatbelt installations, harness, and carrying handle.

Key features of UPPAbaby Mesa –

  • Side impact protection with adjustable headrest
  • Washable and removable seat fabric
  • Level indicator
  • Lock for seatbelt installation
  • Carry handle with a stroller release button
  • Hideaway canopy with UPF 25+ protection
  • Harness buckles storage

Good things about UPPAbaby Mesa –

The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration gave Mesa 5 stars for ease of use. This is the highest rating that you can get for a car seat. The Mesa connects to UPPAbaby Cruz and Vista with ease without the need to use adapters. Moreover, disconnecting the item is effortless and can be done with a push of a button on the handle. In terms of safety, this car seat uses a kind of foam that is more durable and less rigid compared to the other brands.

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Not so good about UPPAbaby Mesa –

Consumer reports, on the other hand, have found out that the crash testing rating of Mesa is a bit lower than Nuna’s Pipa. In addition, if you want to avoid flame-friendly chemicals and choose natural Merino wool, you need to spend another $50 while installing them in Mesa. Moreover, the aesthetic doesn’t look gorgeous because of the plastic handle.

Key features of Nuna Pipa –

  • 2-piece removable head support and infant insert
  • The micro-knit fabric of premium quality
  • Dream drape canopy that has a small mesh window
  • Rigid latch anchors to make installation easy
  • Leather finish handle with four positions
  • Level indicator
  • Three crotch positions and three height options
  • Lock for seatbelt installation

Good things about Nuna Pipa –

Compared to UPPAbaby Mesa, Nuna Pipa provides a variety of car seats. As a result, it gives you more options when it comes to meet your requirements. For example, the Pipa Lite comes 3.5 pounds lighter compared to Mesa. Pipa car seats use merino wool. It is a material that helps regulate body temperature, is soft, biodegradable, and fire-resistant. Also, it remains safe in a crash because of the steel load leg in its base. Moreover, it is easy to install with the included latch connectors.

Not so good about Nuna Pipa –

The headrest in Pipa is not adjustable. Sometimes the harness can cause trouble. When you use them with Nuna strollers, you need ring adapters. While the installation of the latch system is one of the easiest you can experience, keep in your mind that whenever you use a seatbelt, the Pipa Lite and Lite LX versions cannot be installed directly without the base.

UPPAbaby vs Nuna stroller: Which one is right for you?

As said, both these brands are well-established and versatile. They have common features that you can find in both of them. However, choosing the one to suit your needs better depends on your priorities and budget.

UPPAbaby produces strollers that range from a highly versatile convertible stroller that transforms into double or single, to ultra-lightweight stroller designs. Their car seat offering includes an infant car seat that’s compatible with UPPAbaby strollers.

Nuna, on the other hand, is a highly-priced product that isn’t for no reason. Quality materials, innovative features, attention to detail, and expert craftsmanship goes into the making of a Nuna stroller. Moreover, the stylish design appeals to many new parents.

Speaking from an investment point of view, both these brands create value-for-money products. And, they will last for many years to come and you can use them for your next baby as well. So, whether you have a child or two and you need something durable, both these brands provide you with almost the same features to make daily commutes safe and comfortable.


Whenever you go shopping for baby products such as strollers or car seats, the most important thing to look out for is whether those products are easy to install and use. With UPPAbaby and Nuna, you are having superior style and safety. Moreover, the differences between them are almost negligible.

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