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This is How Often You Should Massage Your Baby In A Day

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Imagine that you have a newborn baby and that’s your first time dealing with the responsibility of taking care of one. You will be very much in need of some advice. This list tells you how many times to massage a baby in the day from 0 to 3 months old.

How many times we should massage a baby in a day?

This is a question that new parents often ask, and it’s difficult for any adult who hasn’t had experience being around babies at all hours of the day to answer with certainty. But while there’s no hard and fast rule, here are a few guidelines to help you keep your baby healthy and happy: Make sure to use the best massage oil for your baby.

Baby Coconut oil

1. Maximum of 3 times per day.

More than that is too much. At best, you want to be doing it every other hour or so, but you can’t do it all the time; remember that you still need to sleep, and if you’re breastfeeding, your baby will be feeding at least every two hours (or more often) and wants you to be awake.

2. Never wake a sleeping baby.

If your baby is asleep, you don’t want to wake her. Babies need their rest, and waking them up can cause them to develop sleep disorders that can last into adulthood. Remember that babies aren’t aware of time, so if you’re trying to time your baby’s naps but she sleeps for 45 minutes instead of 30 because that’s what she needed, don’t worry about it.

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3. Use light pressure and lullabies to calm your baby down.

Remember, your baby is still in the “immature” stage of development. Research has shown that babies respond better to light touch than a massage in general. Therefore, you should use light touch whenever possible. The same goes for lullabies. A soothing melody is more relaxing than heavy pressure.

4. Avoid massage near the diaper area

To avoid contact with poison ivy and other harmful chemicals in diapers that can cause skin rashes on your baby’s bottom. Also, try not to massage a freshly bathed baby or those who have recently had a bath or shower. The same goes for babies who have been swimming or playing in a pool because you can accidentally get poison ivy or other harmful chemicals in the water and it can cause skin irritations.

5. Massage your baby in places where she aches or is having trouble moving so that you can help her out a little bit by allowing your baby’s muscles to relax and therefore become less sore.

6. Massage your baby in a way that does not cause discomfort to your baby.

There are several different ways to massage your baby and although each method may be beneficial for one baby, it may be painful for another. Some babies become very uncomfortable by having pressure applied to their back or legs. This is commonly due to poor muscle tone but can also be due to a decrease in the amount of fat within their body.

Always keep your hands clean for your baby and yourself. Another reason that some babies are uncomfortable with being massaged is that their parent or someone else in the home has a cold or the flu and is therefore much more susceptible to spreading these germs to your baby.

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Babies are really cute, but every baby is different! Some babies might want to be massaged two or three times a day, while others could only be massaged once. Keeping in mind how many times you should massage your baby is a good idea if they are in pain and struggling to breathe. On the other side of the coin, some babies just love to be touched and have their tummies rubbed. Every baby is different! Coconut oil is the best massage oil for a healthy baby massage.

If the baby is younger, then their nervous system is not fully developed yet. When they are massaged, it will help them to relax and reduce the pain. Babies who are having a hard time breathing or those who have a tummy ache should be massaged as well. Babies who are suffering from indigestion and trapped gas should also be massaged gently to help them get better to breathe.

Baby Coconut oil


Massaging a baby on the face and head can improve the nervous system. Massaging a baby on the tummy helps them to sleep better at night, and massaging a baby’s leg and foot can help reduce their pain. What you should do is to identify where your baby feels pain, discomfort, or difficulty moving and massage them in that area. Massage is not just for relaxing purposes, but it is also an effective way to treat certain problems in babies as young as 0-3 months old.