Sitz Bath Salt – Postpartum Care and Hemorrhoid Treatment


Ingredients You Can Trust

Not only do we pack pregnancy-safe ingredients into Recovery Ritual, but we also promise to leave out the all-fillers, added fragrance, and overall ‘bad stuff’.

Combines Soothing + Mood-Boosting Botanicals

… to nurture emotional and physical wellness!

New moms go through an astounding amount of change deserving of a replenishing recovery routine. On top of extreme physical transition, this delicate time can also trigger anxiety, mood swings, and trouble sleeping, making postpartum self-care extremely vital.

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  • A soothing soak that aids in postpartum recovery and hemorrhoid treatment
  • Mood-boosting botanicals and energizing aromatics help fight baby blues and promote a balanced mind
  • Combines soothing herbs, essential oils, and ingredients to relieve the discomfort of sore muscles
  • Add it to your bath or sitz bath for a daily soak. Safe to use on postpartum padsicles!
  • Vegan, Cruelty-Free, All Natural, Paraben-Free