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How do I encourage a toddler not to throw food?

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Sometimes toddlers can develop a habit of throwing food. It is a bad habit because it will spread food all over the floor. Toddlers will start throwing food due to different reasons. For example, they may like to get your attention and start throwing the food around. Giving toddlers too much food can make them start throwing the extra food.

Develop a habit of giving your toddlers just enough food, and they will stop throwing away the extra food. There are several steps to address the issue of how do I encourage a toddler not to throw food. First, start by identifying the cause of the child throwing food and then devise measures to address the issues.

Keep the toddler busy

Your toddlers are throwing food because they are not busy. Keep them engaged, leaving the food after they are full and moving to other activities that may require their attention. Look for ways of coming up with the right activities that can make the toddlers stay engaged. They will focus on eating and move to other activities as fast as they are done with the food.

If you can come up with toys and other activities to keep the toddlers engaged, they will avoid throwing food. Kids sometimes find it funny to throw the food on the floor. If they have other interesting things, they can stay engaged after eating, they will not have time to waste throwing the food. They will move to other activities that can meet their given needs.

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Baby Throw food

Give them small food portions

Toddlers will start throwing away excess food if you give them too much. Develop a habit of giving the toddlers small portions, and you will avoid cases where they will throw away excess. Start by monitoring how much food the toddlers eat them giving them in moderation. There are some foods that toddlers love. They can get large portions of such types of foods. Toddlers tend to feel hungry often.

There is a need to give them food after short durations. Let them go out and pay them to come back to eat. Talking to the kids about the need to stay organized and avoid throwing food as they eat. When you have a schedule on how to feed the toddlers, they can reduce the issue of throwing away food often.

Keep pets away

Your kids will love to see the pets eating as they eat. To deal with the issue on how do I encourage a toddler not to throw food, there is a need to keep pets in a separate room as you feed the kids. The kids will not be motivated to throw food at the pets as a way of encouraging the pets to eat. Take time to feed the pets separately. The pets have their favorite foods. They should be fed their favorite foods to avoid cases where they can lead to food scattered on the floor.

Keep mealtimes short

Kids have short concentration spans. They will lose focus on the food after a short while. To keep the kids focused on eating, there is a need to keep mealtimes short. It is advisable to put the food into small portions and give them to the toddlers.

They can ask for more if they are not contented. The strategy will avoid incidences where the toddlers keep throwing food around. When the food is in small portions, the toddlers will concentrate on eating and finish the food on time.

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Let them utilize energy before mealtime

Sometimes the kids will have a lot of energy, and they keep throwing their hands around as they eat. They can be made to utilize the energy before mealtime to avoid cases where they will end up through food around. When feeding the toddlers, give them just enough food that will make them stay focused on the course. You need to get the toddlers ready for the food, and they will concentrate on eating.

Give them attention

Sometimes toddlers will start doing funny things to get their attention. You need to give your toddlers attention if you would like them to concentrate and eat. For example, you need to encourage them to eat. If possible, remove all distractions such as cartons and let the kids focus on eating. The tables and chairs where the kids will relax as they eat should be comfortable.

If you get a comfortable place for kids to relax as they eat, it will be easy for the kids to ditch the habit of having to throw food on the floor as they eat. Plan meal times well to encourage the kids to keep eating food. You will increase the chances of the kids enjoying the food without a lot of throwing if you can get the right environment for eating.

Teach them to place unwanted food in one place

Some food may be unwanted. The kids should learn how to place the food in one place for easy disposal. Eating involves leaving some pieces, such as fruit peels, among other parts of the food. There is a need to teach the kids the right steps they should take as they eat. Kids tend to copy what adults are doing. If the food involves a lot of picking, teach the toddlers the right things they can do. Teaching the toddlers table manners is essential in making the kids avoid the bad habits of having to scatter food all over the floor.

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How do I encourage a toddler not to throw food? It should not stress you. You can take several measures to get the kids to enjoy food without having to throw it around. Identifying the cause of bad behavior in toddlers should be your first step.

Learn why toddlers behave in a certain way and devise measures to make them change their bad habits. Ensure the toddlers are comfortable when they are eating. Teach the kids good table mannered, and they will stop throwing food all over. Toddlers are quick to learn if you can teach them.