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Does your baby like you ? How you can find out!

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Are you constantly wondering whether your baby likes you or not? The short answer is yes. Obviously your newborn can’t answer that themself, and as a new parent you can’t help but wonder how to understand if your baby likes you or not. Sometimes mothers need validation after they go through the grueling pain of labor and the countless sleepless nights that come with having a baby.

Over time, your baby gets acquainted with you and you do start bonding gradually. Attachment is a gradual process where you need to be patient. When you nurse your baby, they learn to equate you with the joy of being fed, and their love for you grows every day.

frustrated mom

How can you understand if your baby likes you or not?

Here are a few reasons why you should not worry and signs that your baby likes you.

1. Your baby recognizes you

As you nurse your baby, they understand that you are their main caregiver and they will automatically prefer you to others. When your baby cries for because of hunger, pain, discomfort, or wanting attention, you comfort your baby. Babies understand that you respond when they are distressed and gradually learn that you will turn up no matter what. But mothers need not be perfect at all times. It is absolutely okay to make mistakes and learn through them.

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2. Your baby will smile

If your baby smiles at you, then it means they are bonding with you. Sometimes they copy when you smile at them, reflecting your happiness. Babies smile when they see their mother’s face because they start associate that face with good things. They get happy when they find a familiar and trustworthy face.

3. Your baby stares at you

From birth, a baby recognizes its mother’s smell and voice. Slowly they link the voice and smell with the person that they can see and touch. Your baby will memorize your face and in this way, they learn what love, comfort, and safety look like. The next time your baby stares at you, be happy.

4. Your baby will hold up their arms

After 6 months, babies start developing more cognitive and physical abilities. Holding up their arms is a sign to pick them up. It is their unique way of telling you to pick them up and it is also a sign of trust. Your baby adores you if every time you are around they hold up their arms. They will not do this gesture if surrounded by an unfamiliar face that they do not know and trust.

5. Your baby imitates you

Imitation is the most sincere form of flattery. If your baby coos while you speak, it means that your baby is trying to imitate your way of speaking and wants to communicate. Babies imitate the behavior and activities of those they love the most.

6. Your baby will come to you if hurt

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A child seeks comfort from a trusted source if they are hurt, and if your child runs to you then it shows how much they need and trust you. Sometimes they intentionally cry for your attention, and it will make them feel better if you show that you love them.

7. Your baby freaks out if you leave

Separation anxiety may strike your child if you leave them, and they will rejoice when you come back. They might feel anxious and more vulnerable thinking that you have disappeared. It is absolutely fine to reassure your child that everything is fine and they need not worry when you leave them to finish your chores.

How can you bond with your baby?

1. Give them the gift of your presence and time

This will give them more time to recognize you and bond with you. It might take multiple weeks to recognize your face, but if you give them your time then you don’t need to worry.

2. Cuddle and touch more

Babies understand the language of touch and respond well to it. Humans connect to each other’s energy. When you touch and cuddle your baby more, they grow closer emotionally.

3. Attend when your baby cries

Most babies cry when they are sleepy, hungry, wet, uncomfortable, or just for seeking attention. It is the worst to see your baby wailing. You might feel lost or overwhelmed, but do not ignore your baby. Hold them and they will be at calm down with time. Patience is the key!

4. Talk more to your baby

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Babies are great listeners. They have heard you while you were pregnant, and it makes them curious to find the familiar voice after birth. You can also hum and sing songs to them to capture their attention.

5. Feeding

Breastfeeding is the most natural and best way to bond with your baby. Babies are playful and happy when they are feeding, and this is when they try interacting with you.

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6. Make time for yourself too

Having a newborn can be overwhelming; you are constantly sleep-deprived, you need to work, and your social life can take a turn. It is natural for mothers to be depressed. Thus, you should make time to do your favorite things while your partner can be in charge of your baby. A happy mother is equal to a happy baby, and being in a better state of mind will help you bond with your newborn.

Ending note

Babies can be overwhelming, and it can be a tough ride for you. But the love of a baby is unconditional and it is the purest. Enjoy your parenthood to the fullest and know that yes your baby likes you, no matter what.

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