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Best 10 Baby Bibs on Amazon l Why Baby Bibs Are Important to Have as a New Parent

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As a parent, one of the most surprising things you’ll learn is there are different types of bibs, and you need a lot of them for your baby. From making your baby eat solids, drinking from bottles, blowing strawberries, or teething, babies constantly make messes that require outfit changes if they’re not wearing bibs. A quality baby bib will make life much easier.

There are different types of baby bib fabrics depending on the purpose you are using them for. Milk and drool bibs are usually made of cotton or other absorbent materials so they soak up liquid quickly. In contrast, food bibs are made of silicone or synthetic materials to be easily wiped clean. You’ll need to buy bibs that can protect skin and clothing underneath, are easy to clean, and feel comfy for your baby to wear. Also, there are cute bibs on the market that are great for photography purposes.

Below are our top 10 picks of baby bibs, along with their pros and cons.


This baby bib is made of comfortable plastic that catches any food that doesn’t make it into your child’s mouth. The deep spill pocket holds its shape so that the food is not squeezed out by your child’s movements. The soft neckband is fully adjustable, so the bib grows as the child does. This baby bib can be easily wiped clean, and the fast-drying plastic means it is ready for the next mess.

Pros: Keeps food from falling to the floor, adjustable neckband, easy to clean, BPA-free, made of food-safe plastic, quick to dry.

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Cons: Hand-wash only.

Nuby Reversible 100% Natural Cotton Muslin 3 Piece Teething Bib:

The Nuby 100% Natural Cotton Muslin Teething Bib is ideal when babies are drooling and teething. This bib provides extra gentleness and natural fibers, which are ideal for a baby’s sensitive skin. The bib stays secure with Velcro fastening to hold it in place. Plus, the bibs feature a teething corner with multiple textured surfaces to chew on as new teeth break through. 

Pros: The textured tip is excellent for teething, super soft, BPA-free, reversible, made of natural fibers.

Cons: It doesn’t capture all food and spills.

Copper Pearl Alta 4-Pack Bandana Bibs:

Keep your messy little one clean and cute with the Bandana Bibs from Copper Pearl. Crafted of a soft cotton blend, this set comes adorned with various playful patterns with easy snap closures.

Pros: Didn’t bunch up around the neck, comes in many unique patterns, wide design protects from spills, soft and comfortable, adjustable snaps at the neckline, easy to clean.

Cons: None.

PandaEar Short Sleeve Bib:

This bib is fully adjustable with an elasticized tie closure that will allow you to use the bib longer. You can wipe the waterproof fabric clean or throw the bib in the wash.

Pros: Short-sleeve design provides more coverage, is excellent at absorbing drool, BPA-free, is easy to clean, comfortable.

Cons: It may be too large for babies younger than 12 months, though the tie-back is adjustable; it didn’t capture all food and spills.

Gerber Unisex-Baby Newborn Dribbler Bib:

OXO Tot Roll-Up Bib 2 Pack:

Make mealtime messes manageable with the OXO Tot Roll Up Bib. The soft, food-safe pocket is wide enough to catch stray pieces of food that miss the baby’s mouth. When you’re out and about, simply roll the bib’s fabric into the silicone pocket, secure it closed, and tuck it into a diaper bag. The silicone pocket keeps the messy bib away from the contents of the diaper bag. It is easy-to-use and adjustable as your little one grows. The bib’s length and soft pocket won’t interfere with the high chair tray or table. Both the fabric and silicone materials are easy to wipe clean.

Pros: Waterproof; wipe-clean fabric at the top is more comfortable on baby’s neck.

Cons: Babies can pull Velcro bibs off.

I Play Wipe-off Bibs:

Baby can make a mess and stay clean and dry with this wipe-off bib. The durable, waterproof EVA material and unique pocket flip from back to front to create an extended scoop to keep food from dropping on the floor. The bib is easy to take on and off for meal time with the adjustable hook-and-loop closure. Perfect for everyday use and easy to clean.

Pros: Easy to clean; covers baby’s torso well; pocket catches a lot of food.

Cons: Design wears off after a few washes

Bumkins SuperBib:

Bumkins SuperBibs save you from the mess! The SuperBib attaches over the back of the shoulder with Velcro for a quick, adjustable, and tug-proof fit. It is made of Bumkins’ lightweight, waterproof, easy-wipe fabric. Single-ply construction means no worrying about icky stuff growing between layers of fabric. Without a cotton layer, smells don’t stick.

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Pros: Wider coverage than other bibs on the market.

Cons: Fabric is thinner than silicone options.

Bumkins Sleeved Bib:

This bib is for babies ages 6 to 24 months. Adjust fit with back tie closure and adjust sleeve length with elasticized cuff. Wipeable and machine washable for easy cleaning so you can use it over and over again!

These sleeved bibs are made from Bumkins’ lightweight, waterproof, easy-wipe, stain and odor-resistant fabric that is durable, soft, lightweight, and comfortable. This fabric is wipe-able and machine washable. Turn pocket inside-out to wash.

Pros: Full-coverage design.

Cons: Little ones might not be thrilled to wear it.

Burt’s Bees Baby:

These bibs offer extra coverage, and its patented design sits perfectly on your baby’s chest and shoulders. The stretchy neckline means they’re easy to fit over your little one’s head with no need for fuss. To top it all off, they’re made from 100% organic cotton.

Pros: Organic; comfortable; affordable.

Cons: Will show more wear and tear than silicone options.

In Conclusion

Baby bibs are necessary for keeping you and your baby clean; whether your baby is spitting up after feeding or your baby is in their high chair learning how to eat more solid food, bibs are always necessary.

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