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5 Best Teas for Postpartum Recovery | Benefits of Drinking Tea after Birth (2022)

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After giving birth to a baby, your body works very hard to recover from tears. In this phase, you need to make sure that you fulfill your body’s nutrient and vitamin needs while growing your little bundle of joy. Drinking postpartum teas is the best and the easiest way to give your body enough nutrients. 

These herbal teas have been used throughout the centuries in every country around the globe to provide vitamins, minerals, and healing properties to women. These postpartum teas help ease pain, calm emotions, and support speed recovery. If you don’t like to drink it hot, you can always try them cold. Postpartum is very common among many women, and postpartum can show up in many ways. In our most recent article, we covered why sitz bath salts are good for postpartum, and in this post, we will be covering the many benefits of drinking herbal tea after birth.  

Herbal tea is now a growing topic in the mommy community. There are so many benefits that come along with drinking tea post-birth. Many women have claimed that it has eased their postpartum symptoms and even prevented them altogether. A few teas are prevalent in the community, such as nettle leaf, red raspberry leaf, and chamomile. These tea leaves are beloved and talked about widely. 

Below we are listing the best postpartum teas to help soon-to-be postpartum mama.

Bamboobies Women’s Postpartum Tea:

Pink Stork Postpartum Recovery Tea:

This Pink Stork postpartum recovery tea is an excellent gift for a new mom. It is made with vitamins and nutrients to support postpartum healing. It also helps in balancing natural energy levels. This 100% organic and caffeine-free tea is formulated by certified herbalists with herbs that have been used for centuries to support recovery and healing. Each ingredient in this tea has its own benefits. Dandelion helps in postpartum weight loss; oat straw helps keep your food fresh; and red raspberry leaves help in postpartum recovery. 

Traditional Medicinals Organic Mother’s Milk Women’s Tea:

This tea is America’s #1 lactation tea as it promotes breast milk production for nursing mothers. This tea is inspired by a traditional European medicine combination that has been passed through generations of women; this tea has fennel, anise, coriander, fenugreek, and blessed thistle to help promote lactation. It is 100% USDA certified and caffeine-free.

Oat Mama Lactation Tea:

Oat Mama postpartum healing tea promotes a relaxed disposition and reduces inflammation in the body, supporting restful sleep. The Spiced Pear flavor tea is genuinely delightful. Drinking this tea makes you feel calmer and more positive. It is the most effective product to help you stay nourished and helps you in your milk supply.

Purely Plants Lactation Blend

Purely Plants Lactation Blend is designed to support and nourish nursing mothers from postpartum onward. This organically grown herbal tea helps nursing mothers maximize milk supply while minimizing engorgement, painful breasts, and clogged ducts. It is made with the finest herbal ingredients; it is caffeine-free, organic, and dairy-free. This tea contains herbs that provide vital iron, vitamins, and minerals. It helps fight fatigue and stimulates milk production.

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